Hamilton motel Camelot on Ulster goes chemical free


Monday March 16 will mark a major milestone with the move by Hamilton motel Camelot on Ulster to go chemical-free.

“Camelot on Ulster going chemical free means we are removing all the chemicals we currently use as part of our cleaning process,” says Alix Stevens who is in charge of the operational management of Hamilton motel Camelot on Ulster in partnership with her fiancé, Mark Boe.

Going chemical-free and cleaning with only cold water means that Camelot on Ulster will largely reduce their hot water consumption and pollutants that they send down the drains into the water system.

“We have decided to move forward into the 21st century with the cleaning of our rooms and outdoor premises by opting to reduce our use of harmful chemicals by changing to a chemical-free cleaning system,” says Alix Stevens.

The chemical-free system they have invested in is called Enjo.

Enjo products don’t harm the environment, and are designed to be used only with water. They are proven to clean faster, more effectively, economically, and in a more environmentally friendly and safer way than traditional cleaning methods.

“My mother bought me some Enjo products for Christmas and I was amazed at how good they were that I invested in a full set of Enjo Products for my entire house. After using the Enjo products in my own home and seeing how great they were, we had to have our staff start cleaning the motel rooms with Enjo too!,” adds Alix.

By using the chemical free cleaning system, Enjo, Camelot on Ulster are doing their bit to reduce the harmful chemicals which enter the water system and the air. “Everything comes up so much cleaner, shinier, is streak-free and most of all the tests have shown surfaces are more hygienic,” says Alix.

The guests at Camelot on Ulster are the real winners of the motel going chemical free. ‘No harmful chemicals will be used to clean our motel rooms so guests with any allergies or those who are sensitive to chemicals won't have a problem when staying with us,” adds Alix.

“Mark and I, along with our housekeeping staff (who are openly accepting this new way of cleaning), are all very excited and looking forward to going chemical free and cleaning with Enjo come Monday! We can't wait to see the difference it is going to make,” says Alix.

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